Tuffa was established 40+ years ago manufacturing basic workwear for local industries but has since moved into technical apparel supplying to industries all over the world. Tuffa still manufacturers locally and is one of largest if not the largest Australian owned manufacturer left in the country.

Tuffas expertise has been develop over the years by learning from the past and producing for all different types of industries from Construction, Utilities, Oli & gas, Emergency Services to highly technical garments for the military to the BHPs off today who employee thousands of staff all over the world.

Tuffa invests, heavily in its staff, research, development in garment design and materials. By working with all different types of fabric mills from all over the world, travelling to trade shows and working with different organisations on garment designs to stay ahead of the pack.

When it comes to quality assurance Tuffa is ISO 9001: 2015. Our quality systems are an integral part of our business and it drives us to continuous improvement. And registered with Ethical Clothing Australia.

Additionally, Tuffa is licensed to manufacture firefighting garments, wildland AS/NZS 4824:2009 and Structural firer fighting garments AS/NZS 4967:2009